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Active Tenders List

Title Division Due date Excerpts
Electric Machine Test Rig Department of Electrical Engg. 27 Apr 2018

Purchase Requisition No.1000001464

HT enabled Micro-UTM Matellurgical Engg. and Material Science 27 Apr 2018

Purchase Requisiiton_1000000646(Retendered) and due date is  27/04/2018.

Thin Film Coating Unit Dept. of Energy Science and Engineering 7 May 2018

Purchase Requisition No. 1000000444

Please note that, due date is extended. Corrigendum is uploaded.

Purchase of Fume Hood and Laboratory Furniture Department of Chemistry 10 May 2018

Purchase Requisition No.1000001167

Prebid meeting has been scheduled on 25th April, 2018 at 11.00 am.


X-Ray Diffraction System Matellurgical Engg. and Material Science 11 May 2018

Purchase Requisition No. 1000001090,   Due date is  extended till   11/05/2018 and Corrigendum PR1000001090.pdf  and technical specification.pdf is uploaded.    

PHO/HK/17-18 Public Health Office 17 May 2018

House Keeping Work Contract for departments/Centre/Section/Workshops and Administration Bldg. and its surrounding area in IIT Bombay.